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Prices for Tantra Massages
1,5h 150 Euro
2h 190 Euro
every additional 1/2 hour 40 Euro

In this space of conscious touch I take care of you, I hold you, and I show you the way so you can experience the magic of tantric massage, the joy, the peace, the deep relaxation and the static expansion of your vital energy.

From unconditional love and active listening, I approach your body with the utmost respect and presence. The session is designed specifically for you, taking into account your needs and previous experience.

It is also possible to receive an initiation to tantric massage if you want to share it with your partner or just for yourself, to learn how to connect with another body with a conscious, loving touch and from presence.

Tantric massage is a physical, energetic and emotional experience that can have a very deep reach. It is an opportunity for you to surrender and enjoy this journey with yourself. It is an integration of our sexuality that has little to do with traditional sex. It is a massage that opens the heart and awakens the senses; it invites you to feel, to become aware of your sensations, to move from thinking to feeling and from feeling to being.

It is a massage that unblocks the body of energetic knots and promotes the free flow of energy through your body. I guide and support you so that you can recognise and enjoy the energy flowing through your body to reach joy and static states of expansion.

Massage is one of the subtlest arts there is and it is not just a matter of experience, it is rather a matter of love…Keep the attitude of prayer whenever you are massaging the other person…feel that the other is a god or goddess. Osho


About me:

I am a meditator and a seeker of truth. I feel very fortunate and nurtured to share this massage which is one of my passions.

After 22 years in England, I returned to Spain to meet Tantra in 2010 and this was a turning point in my life. Since then I have not stopped surprising myself. I started a journey towards myself that still continues, a journey accompanied by different teachers and facilitators, gaining in body and emotional awareness, opening myself to life and opening my heart.

Tantra is a mystical path that leads us to the understanding of our true nature and does not exclude any aspect of the human condition, therefore it includes sexuality. Sexual energy is the vital energy, the most powerful energy that exists, the origin of life. Something so natural and yet so unknown, manipulated and repressed.

My first introduction to a tantric massage was enriching. I actually went out of curiosity and didn’t really know what to expect. The ritual lasted for 2 hours. The welcome by Teya was cordial and we had a conversation first. I immediately felt at ease. Teya is a warm woman and for me she radiated calmness. After the conversation, we undressed and the massage began. The touches were wonderful and the skin to skin contact felt very familiar. I never expected this to trigger emotions, yet it did. I felt strange but good and “discharged”. For me this was a sensual experience that I love to think back on. Thank you Teya for your wonderful energy and your gentle touches, I am happy with this gift to myself.

The experience with Teya has been very intense and positive. I felt comfortable at all times and enjoyed every moment of the trip, from the talks to the massage. Without a doubt she is a good companion for that inner and personal journey that we need, she has very good hands to guide you and at all times she makes you feel with her sensuality, comfortable, trusting and respected.

Teya, it has been a pleasure to meet you, you have made me discover an incredible experience which I recommend to everyone, I had never felt so good! Thanks a million, I´ll come back for sure. Big hug.

It has been my second tantra session, the first session I was a bit expectant to see what would happen. I have to say that it was a unique experience, something goes through your whole body…. The second time, as I knew something more about Tantra, I can not describe it in words, it was something unique and unimaginable that I reached that level of ecstasy… What has helped me about meeting Tantra is that you can apply it in your daily life with much more sense. Unique experience with Teya. Thank you very much.

I received a Tantric massage by Teya and it was a very helpful experience for me because it was very smooth and loving in the beginning and I felt a deep connection in my soul. I felt my blockages started to flow away as if she was guided by the divine. I felt one with God, I am very grateful to her.

I felt connected from the moment I met Teya. She was very welcoming and made sure I was comfortable and she understood me as a human. Very sensual and loving, helping me relax and let go of any tension. My experience was deep and spiritual and I would recommend to anybody wanting to feel the touch of a tantric goddess, touching far beneath the skin.Much love and thank you, hope to return and reconnect!


  • Tantra, emotional and body awareness. Tantra with Astiko.
  • Codependence and integration of the inner child with Krishnananda and Amana Trobe. Learning love seminars and Ketan Raventós, Institute of Emotional Awareness.
  • Vipassana meditation, Burgs. The Art of Meditation.
  • Osho active meditations.
  • Reiki practitioner, Usui Reiki 1.

Tantric massage:

  • Initiation to Ananda Wave school of Tantra.
  • Tantra with Astiko, Tantra school. Tantra and Cashmere massage.
  • Verma Rodriguez, Daya Tantra School.
  • Lara Carbú, Conscious love school.
  • Californian massage with Sujati Sandra Lacanna. Spazio Masaje.

LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, French.